Frequently Asked Questions



  F350 Nose Conversion 08-10  

  • Will the nose conversion work for both the 7.3 and the the 6.0?  ​
    • Yes there are slight differences in the installation process but they are noted in the directions 

Pit Viper Steel Subframe Raptor 700r

  •  Because this frame is stronger will it brake my main frame in a crash?
    • No. The back half of the main frame is solid aluminum, the subframe is pot metal cast aluminum, designed in 04 for the yzf 450 to be one of the lightest quads built and carried over to the raptor because of its 500+ weight issue. It was not designed to break to help save the main frame as some people claim. Does it make sence that Yamaha has built their top selling sport quad with such a weak frame it could crack in a roll over or crash so they had to put the weakest sub frame they could on it? Not a single other quad has a break away frame. The kfx 450 uses aluminum frames and sub frames with no issues, as do others. 
  • How much heavier is the Pit Viper frame, than the stock sub frame?
    • The steel Pit Viper frame is only 4lbs heavier than the stock unit. 
  • ​Will the Pit Viper sub frame bend or break in the event of a crash?
    • It is possible depending on how bad the crash is, it is much stronger than stock but is still just a sub frame on a 500+ quad. Unlike the stock unit the Pit Viper can be straightened out easily with no money  spent to be riding again. The Pit Viper will not shatter on the trail or in the pit leaving you an UN-ride-able quad like the stock frame can.   
  • ​Do I have to do anything special to bolt on the Pit Viper and get riding again?
    • No. The Pit Viper subframe bolts up just as the stock would. Everything factory gets used including your bolts. This frame has only one exhaust bolt as most aftermarket pipes use only one. The only other diference is that the small hole for the harness clip is not there, A simple wire tie will fix this and is now included with every frame.